By default releaf will only create non-pluralized translation version.
I18n.t("cow", count: 1) will create empty translation with cow key.

If you need to auto create all pluralized versions for translation, pass “create_plurals: true” option.
I18n.t("cow", count: 1, create_plurals: true) will create cow.one, cow.many, cow.zero and other variations depeding on Releaf.available_locales.


Calling I18n.t("cow", count: 1) and then changing translation call to I18n.t("cow", count: 1, create_plurals: true) will not result of pluralized translations creation as first call will create empty translation and mark given key (“cow”) as missing. To solve this problem force releaf i18n cache to reload (restart rails, save some translations from admin or call I18n.backend.reload_cache)